Choosing an attorney is an extremely important decision, especially in cases against a well-funded defendant like the Boy Scouts.  We are lawyers who have devoted their lives to representing survivors of sexual abuse, including adults who were abused as children because of negligence by institutions that were supposed to protect them.

Our lead sexual abuse attorneys in the Boy Scout cases are Michael Pfau, Darrell Cochran, and Jason Amala, but we have an entire team of lawyers and staff who are dedicated to helping abuse survivors.  We invite you to do a Google or Bing search on our attorneys and our firm so you can see the success we have had in representing survivors of sexual abuse.  Over the past decade we have helped recover hundreds of millions of dollars for abuse survivors across the country.  For example, in 2012, we obtained an $8 million jury verdict against the Catholic Church, a $1.45 million jury verdict against the Olympia School District, and a $2.35 million settlement with the State of Washington, all for survivors of child abuse.

Our Washington law firm, Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala PLLC, is based in Seattle and Tacoma, but when our clients suffered abuse outside of Washington, we team-up with lead attorneys in other states to prosecute their claims.  We are not associated with the Boy Scouts of America or any law firm or entity that defends the Boy Scouts of America.

How Do I Contact You?

How you contact us is up to you:

1)  You can send our attorneys a confidential email at  All emails are kept strictly confidential.

2) You can directly call or email one of our sexual abuse attorneys, Michael Pfau (206-462-4334) or Jason Amala (206-462-4339), for a free, confidential consultation.  If you call and we are unavailable, you can call our main office at (206) 462-4334, or toll free at 1-888-888-4428, and they will find us or another person in our firm who can help you.  All calls are strictly confidential.

3) You can fill-out the form below, which will send a confidential email to our legal team who prosecutes claims against the Boy Scouts and has successfully obtained winning verdicts and consistently advocated for and recovered settlements and compensation for victims.  Again, all emails are strictly confidential.

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