Search the Perversion Files:  Our former co-counsel in Oregon, Kelly Clark, and Paul Mones, have released a database of the Boy Scout perversion files from 1965 to 1985. If you or someone you love was sexually abused, please contact us and we can see if the Scout leader or volunteer is in the files.  We can also explain your options.

Daily blogging:  A lot of people have contacted us for information regarding the perversion files and how to file a claim against the Boy Scouts.  In an effort to answer some of the more commonly asked non-confidential questions, we have created a blog that you can visit by clicking here.  We are dedicated to helping abuse survivors understand their options, and if they decide to do so, to prosecute their claims against the Boy Scouts.  If you survived abuse, please review the information on this website and then contact us or our co-counsel in Oregon who we have associated with on other cases.  A number of attorneys have tried to generate publicity recently by taking credit for our work and the work of our co-counsel in Oregon.  We strongly encourage you to review your options before you call the first person whose name you see in the media.

How Do I Contact You?

How you contact us is up to you:

1)  You can send our attorneys a confidential email at  All emails are kept strictly confidential.

2) You can directly call or email one of our sexual abuse attorneys, Michael Pfau (206-462-4334) or Jason Amala (206-462-4339), for a free, confidential consultation.  If you call and we are unavailable, you can call our main office at (206) 462-4334, or toll free at 1-888-888-4428, and they will find us or another person in our firm who can help you.  All calls are strictly confidential.

3) You can fill-out the form here, which will send a confidential email to our legal team who prosecutes claims against the Boy Scouts and has successfully obtained winning verdicts and consistently advocated for and recovered settlements and compensation for victims.  Again, all emails are strictly confidential.

Our sexual abuse attorneys have been helping survivors prosecute claims against the Boy Scouts for nearly a decade.  We first obtained some of the Boy Scouts “perversion” files in 2004, and when a judge ordered them to produce more, we had to fight the Boy Scouts all the way to the Washington Supreme Court to keep them.  Since that time we have counseled and represented hundreds of people in Washington and across the country who survived sexual abuse by Scout leaders and volunteers, Catholic Church, Mormons, and many others.

The law in many states recognizes that survivors of child abuse are often unable to understand how the abuse affected them until well into their adult lives.   When that time comes, we believe it is important for survivors and their loved ones to know all of their options, not just their legal options, so they can begin to seek closure in a healthy way.  Click here to learn more about options for abuse survivors.

Not only has our law firm reviewed thousands of the Boy Scout “perversion” files, but we have also obtained many documents that show what the Boy Scouts knew about those files and their failure to protect children from sexual predators.  Click here to learn more about their internal files and what they show about the failures of the Boy Scouts to protect children.

Our attorneys have devoted their lives to helping survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  If we cannot help a survivor or their family, we will do whatever we can to connect them with someone who can.  Learn about our unique experience, and how to contact us, by clicking here.